Offering timeless art that will add a vibrant conversation piece to your home. Large abstract gallery wrap canvas prints that will brighten up beige walls and garner lots of compliments. If you need to decorate your interior and fill a blank wall with a pop of color, this large artwork can be hung vertically or horizontally over beds, buffets, entry tables, and more.

I started painting because I could not find large artwork to fill our big, blank walls. Mass-produced prints of paintings found in stores can be expensive but generic. I wanted something unique and beautiful for our home. So, I started learning everything I could about painting large, nonrepresentational art.

Producing art yourself is time-consuming, but I love it, so I have done all the hard work for you. Most people don't have time to search all over the internet for that perfect piece of artwork that will match their decor. I have discovered the perfect colors to use to produce paintings that go well with almost all decor.

Whether your home is more traditional or ultra modern, a wide variety of style and colors of artwork are all right here. There is something for everyone to like. These creative pieces cannot be found anywhere else. You are buying direct from me, the artist. Be assured that these are unique designs. It's a great chance to invest in an up and coming artist from Austin, Texas.

This is a one-stop shop for a huge selection of varied expressions of abstract art. I love to paint and create, and I love to experiment, and this has resulted in hundreds of different pieces of artwork.

I've learned that all of these pieces look great when hung on the wall. I've also learned that almost all of them can be hung either vertically or horizontally - it doesn't matter. They fit. Plus, I have learned that pre-stretched canvas art is the way to go. It's lightweight, easy-to-hang, and doesn't need to be framed. This is a big plus because heavy frames can fall apart or become damaged or dated.

Printing high-resolution depictions on pre-stretched canvas is not cheap. But, I've cut the cost as low as I possibly can to provide as much value as possible. Shipping ready-to-hang artwork is not easy or inexpensive. I thank you in advance for your patience. Your artwork will arrive within a few weeks. It is definitely worth the wait!

Dianne Bartlett, Artist  Dianne Bartlett, Artist  Large abstract paintings on wall


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