Worlds Apart - Pouring Emotion into Abstract Paintings

Worlds Apart - Pouring Emotion into Abstract Paintings

Sometimes, no matter how much we try, we cannot form or keep a connection with certain people. We don’t understand the other. We misinterpret what they say. We imagine what they are thinking or feeling. And, then, we are surprised, if we find out that our judgments were incorrect.

Often though, we never do find out whether we’re right or wrong about that other person because there is never a bridge between us. After failed attempts on our part, we quit trying. Then, we start avoiding. Ignoring.

It remains uncomfortable, but there is nothing to do for it. Our friends in common say we are alike, but clearly, we exist in different dimensions. Any connection we might form blurs, fades and dissipates too quickly to grasp for any meaningful length of time.

Pouring conflicting emotion into abstract paintings helps to develop the contrast needed to actually make the artwork better understood. You can actually relate better to paintings with unresolved contract. When an artists allows her feelings into her paintings, the world can better appreciate the message of the art.

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