Vintage Grafitti - Misspellings in the Names of Paintings

Vintage Grafitti - Misspellings in the Names of Paintings

I’m an English teacher, but I do make spelling mistakes. Apparently, graffiti is spelled this way instead of the way I spelled the name of this painting. So, if you purchase this artwork, it comes signed and titled with what I will just pretend is an archaic spelling of the word I meant!

Style and technique took a right turn on this painting as I experimented, not only with spelling, but with scraping the paint across the wood. It was a lot of fun and created a unique mix of colors that I have not since recreated.

Contemplating the name of this one, now, I’m not sure what “grafitti” I saw in it. I’m also unsure what is “vintage” about it. I know it reminds me of Mediterranean or Tuscan painted walls, for some reason - not that I’ve ever seen those in person. Maybe, it’s something about the texture that gave me that impression.
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