Synthetic Swill - There is No Accounting for Taste in Artwork

Synthetic Swill - There is No Accounting for Taste in Artwork

Do you like science fiction? I do. So, sometimes it shows up in my paintings, butI'm an abstract artist so you'll probably never know. If you don't like science fiction, it won’t make any difference to you. You might still like this painting. But if you do like science fiction, then you might see little hints of it. In the name of my painting, you might understand what I'm referring to.

This painting is called synthetic swill, and if you are a science fiction fan, you might watch various Star Trek series. And you know that they have the replicator that they can go and get their food and drink out of. I believe I was watching an episode of Next Generation, obviously from a long time ago, and John Luke Picard went over there to get his Earl Grey tea that he likes to drink. When he took a sip there was something wrong with it. His tea was not done correctly, and he called it a synthetic swill.

That’s the name of this painting because sometimes when I finish a painting, I look at it and don’t like it. It looks like synthetic swill to me. But, I’ve learned that the funny thing is that I can look at that painting later on, and I’ve changed my mind, and I really like it. It's really strange how abstract art can mess with your mind just like in the science fiction world there are things that mess with your mind.

I never know what my customers are going to like. I have customers come over and they buy paintings that I'm like oh my goodness I'm so glad they bought that painting because I hate it and I'm glad to be rid of it. Then, other times I have a customer that comes over here and they buy paintings that I love. So, I've just learned that everybody likes something different. There's something for everybody. This painting might be synthetic swill to me, but everyone has colors and patterns that they like.

I think what people would like about this painting is that this painting has a lot of blue in it, and it has a lot of movement. If you think about water or clouds or if you're drawn to the ocean or the water or a lake, you might like this painting.

I'm right here at Lake Travis, so it influences my painting, definitely. You might like this painting if you crave a sense of calmness in your life. These lines can have a calming meaning. You can hang this painting horizontally or vertically, depending on what you want. And, the dots are like bubbles or something in the water but can also mean happiness.

If you're needing a little bit of calm happiness in your life, this might be the painting for you!

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