Promised Roses - Broken Promises Influences Artwork

Promised Roses - Broken Promises Influences Artwork

I’m always experimenting with my paintings. For this piece, I used the red tones and blends that I liked from other paintings, along with yellow. Then, I added my favorite greens and blues for the background.

I had been a little disappointed with some of my previous work, so I decided to be more deliberate with the design of this one. Consequently, this one turned out more orderly and not quite as wild as other paintings.

Although it is still an abstract design, I see rosebuds in the reds. Since they aren’t as artistic as a still-life rose, I felt they just “promised” roses but maybe didn’t quite deliver on the promise.

How many times does that happen in our lives? People promise us things and actions all the time but don’t always deliver. Of course, we make promises, too, that we unfortunately break. We promise others, and we promise ourselves, but since we are merely humans, we don’t always follow through.
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