Farflung Confetti - Confetti  Features in Abstract Paintings

Farflung Confetti - Confetti Features in Abstract Paintings

Since I painted and named this artwork on the same day as “Vintage Grafitti,” I guess the spelling of the word “confetti” might explain how I missed the mark on spelling the name of the other painting!

Correctness aside, this is another work where I scraped the paint across the wood and got an interesting effect. There’s nothing accurate about painting abstracts, in my opinion. Many times, I don’t know what the end result will be while I’m painting, but it is definitely fun to experiment.

I love the reds, greens and yellows in this one. I imagine a wall on the lower half and dots of confetti showering across it. Have you ever cracked cascarones over someone’s head at Easter? No? Just my family, huh? Anyway, they are hollowed-out eggs filled with confetti, and my son loved them when he was little.
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