Empower a room with this original painting - Enticing Mulberry

Empower a room with this original painting - Enticing Mulberry

Like a lot of people, I have felt powerless to escape the gloomy influence of pandemic news. I find that it's even more important to surround yourself with uplifting decor to lighten the mood and ward off all the negativity that we can't control.

Hanging bright and colorful artwork, particularly abstract pieces, serves to surround yourself with beauty and give your eyes a chance to dance around the images and wonder what they see.

I enjoy putting both reds and blues on a canvas or board. When they mix, you get the luxury of purple. When they clash, you get the excitement of contrast. You trust the blues to keep you steady, and you laugh at the boldness of red that asks you to get up off the couch and dance to your favorite party hit.

Even when we can't attend parties due to worries over high transmission rates.

If you're missing some excitement in your life and home, consider adding a big piece of colorful abstract art to elevate the energy in the room.

Celebrate the holidays every day, in every season, and even during pandemics!



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