Dimensional Door - A New Reality of Painting Abstract Artwork

Dimensional Door - A New Reality of Painting Abstract Artwork

As I painted more, I hoped for more depth in my work. I wanted to achieve dimension without using high contrast colors. I’m not sure that’s what I got with this particular painting, but that was the goal.

I’ve been meditating for several years, and sometimes I feel I have stepped through a door to other dimensions. One time, my cat was missing, the coyote packs were howling every night, and we had already lost a couple of other felines to predators. This particular cat never strayed from the house, so it was unusual for her to be gone for so long. I was beyond worried.

Late at night, in one last effort to call for her, I walked out into our front yard and “imagined” that I had shifted into another dimension, where in this new reality, my cat was not missing, but safe. I stood in the dark under the stars meditating for several minutes, connected to the universal field. When I opened my eyes, Miss Hello Kitty strolled right up to me, tail in the air, as if she had never been gone.

In that regard, dimensional doors can provide a gateway to a new and better reality. Painting abstracts has helped open up the door to a better life.

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