Can Be Caught - What figures or forms do you see in this abstract painting?

Can Be Caught - What figures or forms do you see in this abstract painting?

The human brain likes to recognize patterns, so when we look at abstract paintings, we often look really hard for familiar shapes and forms. We see faces and figures where none may have been intended. It's part of the attraction to abstract art. It's what makes the eye linger longer on a non-representational painting.

Of all my paintings, this one seems to get the most attention when it comes to finding familiar forms. I've had clients see a face in this one (I see it, too), while the spouse says, "I don't see any faces at all." I've had viewers tell me there is a chase going on this painting. I agree, which is why I titled it "Can Be Caught." Other people may not see or feel any kind of chasing at all, and that's just fine.

Abstract, or non-representational art, is meant to generate a conversation and spark a little controversy or debate. None of us see the same thing, and what we do see may differ even more greatly than we have imagined. We can't possibly know how another person views the world.

Have you thought about your home decor as something that could generate interest, intrigue or imagination? I never thought about that at all until I started painting and hanging up my artwork (and other people's artwork, too). Now, when visitors come over, we have plenty to talk about, plenty to admire and plenty to learn from.

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